Couples Counseling in Everett

Dean Ornish, MD said that love and intimacy are fundamental needs like air, water, and food.  When your most important relationship is suffering, the ripples are felt throughout your life, making routine tasks seem overwhelming. You may doubt yourself and your partner, have trouble communicating your emotions and needs, and find yourselves devolving into the same arguments over and over again with no resolution in sight- frustrated and lonely even when you are sitting in the same room.

We can help.  Using tools developed by relationship experts like Susan Johnson, John and Julie Gottman, and David Schnarch, you can move toward each other again and benefit from the intimacy, support, teamwork, and confidence that a strong relationship provides.  We believe that attachment needs are at the core of all relationship issues, and that human connection is one of the most powerful healing forces in existence.  

We work with diverse couples.  Love is love in all of its beautiful expressions. We support your goals, your spiritual and cultural beliefs, and your efforts to create the relationship you desire.  It is our role to help you clarify your values and beliefs and live authentically within them- not to dictate them or make decisions for you. Please educate us about your worldview.  We want to be working within it.



​I wonder if  this is how people get close:

​They heal each other's wounds; they repair the broken skin. 

                 - Lauren Oliver

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