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Angi Morse, LMFT

Monday through Thursday

Adolesecent Mental Health

Family and Couples' Therapy

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Jason Richards, LMHC

Monday through Friday

Adult Individual Therapy

Mental Health Treatment

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Katie Weaver, LMFT

Tuesdays and Saturdays

Child, Teen and Family Therapy

Play/Expressive Therapy

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Kendra Pinkelman, LMHC

Tuesdays & Saturday by Appointment

Adult Individual Therapy

Postpartum and New Parent Issues

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Building Skills LLC in Everett provides effective, useful and affordable counseling and life skills education.  Our clients are people who want to improve their health, increase life satisfaction and strengthen relationships.  Our values are: integrity, compassion, accountability, humor, balance, social justice, lifelong learning, and hope.

We are a mental health counseling practice of dedicated, experienced therapists who believe in offering services well grounded in both research and lived experience.  Our first job is to create an atmosphere of safety for you to explore yourself and your world.  With a solid therapeutic relationship in place, we will be able to work together to find solutions to the problems that have prompted you to seek help.  You can expect compassion, respect, competence, and support from your therapist.

Click the links below to take a look at our individual therapist pages to learn more.  To schedule an appointment, please call: 425.220.7042 X100 or schedule online. ​

Marsha Jones, LMFT

Monday through Thursday

Adult Individual Therapy

Couples' Therapy

Phone: 425-220-7042 X100

About Us- Counseling in Everett

Ben Braaksma, LMHC

Tuesdays, Thursday through Saturday

Adult Individual Therapy

Mental Health Treatment

Phone: 425-220-7042 X104