Everett Location Closing September 2022

Announcement of Changes to Building Skills, PLLC in 2022: 

To our clients and their caregivers:

The pandemic has changed many things about the way we all work and live our lives in the past two years. As much as I have enjoyed serving you as a group, to maintain my own growth and well-being I have come to the difficult decision to downsize the business.  One of the main reasons we have worked as a group is to have the daily camaraderie and support of other therapists. The new reality is that we do not function as one entity or share the same space regularly. Keeping the current administrative structure simply doesn’t make sense for me anymore as most employees have chosen to work from home indefinitely.

Our Everett location will be closing permanently by November 2022. I will continue as a sole practitioner from the Freeland location serving adults. 

Each provider is making plans in the next several months to continue their work, and your provider may have already spoken with you about these changes as we have been preparing for the transition since early this year.  Some clinicians will be transitioning to other employment, while most clinicians will be opening their own private practice and will own their own business.  As I have updated contact information for the providers, I will keep that information updated on the Contact Us page of the website so that if former clients would like to reach out to a known provider to renew services, they can contact those clinicians directly.

It has been an honor to serve you and to facilitate joining you with clinicians I respect and believe in.  Building Skills will make every effort to either have you continue with your current provider in their new situation, or transfer your treatment to another clinician who accepts your insurance plan. Please feel free to contact your clinician or myself if you have any questions about continuing care.

Kind regards,
Marsha Jones, LMFT


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