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Anthony Shipman, MA, LMHC

Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them

Clinical Therapist

As a counselor, a large part of my role is helping you uncover and navigate the many reasons a difficult thought, feeling, or behavior, may be interfering with your ability to live as your most authentic self. I am here to provide education, tools, and resources to help you foster insight and develop self-compassion to manage the many stressors you may experience. Counseling is a collaborative process, and, in our space, I place strong emphasis on authenticity, values, and advocating for social justice. Just as counseling is a place to explore internal blocks, I believe that it is vital as counselors that we also make space discuss systemic barriers and the importance of advocating for the rights and safety of BIPOC, Queer, Trans, and AAPI communities. 

Speaking from experience, sometimes being human is really hard. For some folx, there are unique challenges and limitations that we must navigate. Depression, anxiety, and trauma can be overwhelming at times to manage on our own. I am here to provide support. I try my hardest to show you my own authentic self. When identifying tools, I provide examples from my 7 years of experience in the mental health field and will sometimes pull from my own personal experiences and challenges.  We are all human and I believe we are all trying our best. As scary as it can be, I will admit to being wrong and can guarantee that I will make mistakes. I model that I am growing, and growth can be difficult. I will remind you that it’s okay to not be okay, and that while suffering is a part of being human, you are not alone.

 In my approach, I draw from a variety of evidence-based modalities and techniques including acceptance and commitment therapy, solution focused narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and experiential therapy. I have a strong passion for alternative approaches for mental health care and as a result have undergone additional training in Complementary and Alternative medicine for mental health. This modality looks at sleep, nutrition, meditation, and yoga and the effect that these have on our mood and our energy. I have also had an extensive history of navigating and identifying community resources to meet individual needs. If you’re looking for a counselor who practices with transparency, cultural humility, and uses pop-culture references to help making meaning of our lives, please don’t hesitate to reach out for an appointment, or to hear more about my approach to ensure you are able to make the best decision for your mental health care.

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Locations: Telehealth

Appointment Days: Mondays and Tuesdays 10 am to 7 pm

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Adult Individual Counseling 

Specialties: Depression, Trauma, Anxiety

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