We are in network with many insurance and EAP plans.

Insurance reimbursement can be baffling!  We encourage you to discuss your mental health benefits with your insurance company. 

In general, all services must be medically necessary and as such, are attached to a diagnosis. 

Insurance plans do not pay for no show or late cancellation fees.  


Costs and Using Your Benefits

We can tell you if your therapist is in network with your insurance plan and will submit claims to insurance on your behalf.  It is common for a session co-pay to be the same as an office visit to your doctor, but you should contact your insurance company directly to obtain the best estimate of your cost per session. 

If you do not have health insurance


There are many people unable to afford health insurance.  You may make too much money to qualify for Apple Health/medicaid plans, and yet are unable to afford insurance premiums available for individuals on the health insurance exchange.  You may be self-employed or your employer does not offer a health plan.  We offer a session fee of $70 per session for cash pay clients in need- and all of our therapists offer this payment option.  We base eligibility on the Federal Poverty Levels (FPL) for the Affordable Care Act.  If you make 133%-160% of the FPL, you are eligible for the reduced fee.  Those making 133% and below are eligible for insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act.  

Intern and Associate Options

Associate level therapists in Washington state have completed school and earned their degree in a counseling profession.  In the first few years of practice, they work under the supervision of a more experienced therapist to solidify their knowledge before obtaining "full" licensure.  Many insurance companies do not allow Associate-level therapists to provide counseling for insurance reimbursement.  For this reason, we offer a cash pay rate of $70 per session to anyone working with our Associate level therapists, regardless of your income level.  The rate is effective until you complete counseling or until the provider becomes in network with your insurance. 

Interns have completed the majority of their Master's Degree in a Counseling profession and work for about one year under the supervision of both their school and an on-site supervisor.  Sessions are not eligible for insurance reimbursement.  Our intern rate is $30 per session to meet our expenses to provide the service.  While interns have less counseling experience and may take longer to complete some tasks or have to get back to you while checking with their supervisor with certain questions, they also come with some advantages.  They have been recently trained in the latest research-based practices, they have a small caseload- allowing more time to consider which techniques and strategies are most appropriate for you, and they bring energy and enthusiasm to beginning their counseling career.  At Building Skills, PLLC, we also focus on selecting interns who share our values and mission, and that have relevant life experience which enhances their ability to serve you.  


Our Insurance/EAP Partners

All Savers


Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Bridgespan (Open plans, not  HMO plans)
Curalinc EAP

Evernorth (formerly called Cigna)
First Choice and First Choice EAP

Health Advocate EAP
Lyra Health

Medicaid/Apple Health Plans:

  • Community Health Plan of WA
  • Coordinated Care
  • Amerigroup
  • United 

Optum EAP (United EAP)


Tricare (and US Family Health Plan)
Veterans Community Care (Triwest)
Wellspring EAP

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