Kendra Pinkelman, LMHC

‚ÄčIt is not an uncommon complaint in current times to feel disconnected from others, overwhelmed in daily life and a general feeling of being alone. I work with clients to alleviate these feelings, improve upon their self care, and identify the thoughts and beliefs that may be holding them back.  I help them reconnect with themselves and the world and community around them. I use trauma focused therapy techniques to alleviate associated problems when they are present.

Being a mother, I understand the concerns that begin with symptoms that start during pregnancy or after childbirth and make family stress worse. The first step to coping with these changes is to recognize how normal and common they are. I do this by using humor, warmth, and general education on parenting topics. The strength of the therapeutic relationship is one of the more important aspects of therapy and as such, is a primary focus for me. 

I have been working in mental health agencies since 2013 and completed my Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health at the University of Tennessee. I am an outdoor enthusiast and gardener. I believe in healthy eating and consistent exercise and am a proud mother of an energetic toddler. I pride myself on being a very open minded individual and love welcoming many cultures and people from different spiritual backgrounds into my sessions. 

Direct Line:  425-350-4994