What is a Disclosure Statement?

Disclosure statements are required under Washington state law and our professional ethical codes so that you are informed about (among other things) the education and experience level of the therapist you are choosing, what forms of therapy they practice and what psychological theories they believe contribute to our understanding of how people grow and change.

It is also about your rights- such as your right  to confidentiality and what the limits of that confidentiality are (such as when your therapist has an imminent concern about safety). Disclosures also provide information about what the cost of services/fees are and how payment is received, and steps to take and contact information if you believe your therapist has violated a legal or ethical responsibility. It is important to understand the information in the disclosure statement before starting treatment.  Please feel free to ask any questions about this information at any time.  The full disclosure statements of all of our therapists will remain posted at the top of their team page for your review at any time, and a paper copy of your disclosure statement will also be provided to you at your request. 

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