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It works if you live it- here's more help

We meet for about an hour weekly or every other week, depending on how much the problems that are bringing you into counseling are bothering you at any given time. You are the keystone. The sessions we have together are not going to be the important part of how change happens- what is crucial is how you apply the insights, skills and strategies in your everyday life. Here are some recommendations for apps, websites, books, and support groups to help you along in your journey.  Scroll and scan away and come back often as the content will continue to grow.  We hope you find it useful.

Getting mental health emergency help: 800-584-3578

Volunteers of America operates the 24 hour crisis line which serves both Snohomish and Island Counties.  They provide support by phone or computer chat lines.  They can be found on the web for chat at 

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